tegra SPEED Touch

Fast Sintering Furnace

Fast Sintering Furnace is designed to reach 1550°C in 30 minutes thanks to high-strength MoSiO2 heating elements. The cooling phase is controlled to avoid cracking the restorations and heaters It has ventilation, heating, cooling and a closing system with lift. Program capacities and properties are such that it provides the desired sintering conditions and opacity. It has fully automatic and sensitive temperature control, adjustable program and a touch screen that controls the temperature for each step to execute individual heat curve. In case of power cuts, it continues to work where it left off.

General Features

  • 7 inch touch screen
  • 100 programs,  4 steps each
  • 2 sintering trays, 20 units each
  • Controlled fans for cooling and ventilating
  • Chamber 3,5 l
  • Furnace weight 55 kg
  • Furnace  dimensions 38x41x73 cm

Electrical Specifications

  • Voltage    220-230 V ~ 50 Hz
  • Current    1-15 A
  • Power      3500 W


  • Heating rate                          0-40° C/min.
  • Target temperature               0-1550°C
  • Holding time                         0-180 min.
  • Lift opening temperature      200-800°C
  • Cooling time                          30-180 min.

Technical Specifications

  • Working temperature         0-1550°C
  • Stand-by temperature        145°C
  • Chamber insulation            Seramic  fiber
  • Temperature sensor            Termal sensor
  • Temperature presicion        ±1 °C