Heating Element For Zirconia Sintering Furnaces

Molybdenum Disilicide MoSi2 Heating  Elements composed of 99.99% high purity   have the resistance against oxidation and can automatically repair itself, suitable for continuous use in any kinds of oxidizing atmospheres.

Elements are shaped in hot-working process, which keeps the base material in good tenacity and plasticity at high temperatures.

Because of the special technology, welding point is shock resistant and reduces dramatically the damage probability.

When heated to a high temperature in an oxidizing atmosphere, a layer of compact quartz glass forms on the surface of the element which withstands oxidation.

Suitable for every brand of zirconia sintering furnace Such as  Zirkonzahn, Cercon, Vident, Kavo and other brands.

Note: For inquiry, it is better to provide a drawing of the element and specify the element  lengths and diameters in. millimeters.