Porcelain Furnace Resistance

We produce transparent quartz or matte quartz resistances suitable for all models of dental porcelain furnaces. Kanthal A1, the most durable resistance wire brand, with a working temperature of 1400 C is used in our products.

The resistances we produce with a special winding technique are resistant to problems such as deformation, breakage, short circuit and uneven distribution of heat, which reduce quality and shorten the life of other products.

Standard Resistance Dimensions

Inner diameter: 98 mm

Glass pipe dimensions;
a) Outer diameter 10 mm – inner diameter 8 mm
b) Outer diameter 8 mm – inner diameter 6 mm

We produce suitable for the following and all other furnaces.

Vita (Vacumat 30/40/40T/50/100/200/250/300/500/2500/4000/4000T)
Dentsply Ceramco (Phoenix/Multimat/Multimat Touch Press)
Shenpaz Dental (Panamat S/Quantum/Focus/Gemini/Gemini Press)
Austromat (2001/2001A)
Dekama 3000
Ivoclar (P20/P80/P90/P100)
Compact 20
Schütz Dental