About Us

Teknik Dental was established as a dental laboratory in Istanbul in 1984 by Murat Parlar, who worked as a dental technician in Germany for many years, and started the production of materials and devices used in dental laboratories.

Murat Parlar's son, Chemist and Software Specialist Ali Parlar, worked at Teknik Dental for many years, programmed the oven programs and screens himself, and took over the management of the company in 2023.

Teknik Dental also manufactures and sells patented td.MRT precision attachments. It provides precision attachment assembly services to dental laboratories and hospitals. The td.MRT is a very durable and practical slider. It is preferred by physicians and technicians due to its various convenience and advantages. 

We are exporting mainly to Europe, America and Africa. 

Last Update: 9 April 2023