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tegra MP100S Porcelain Furnace

tegra MP100S Porcelain Furnace

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Tegra MP100S porcelain oven has been designed with years of experience in mind to offer you quick, easy and superior quality of work. It is the new and economical top model of our proven classic furnaces suitable for today new range of materials.

With its modern structure and the highest quality electronics, resistance and sensitive thermocouple, it ensures that your work is fired in perfect quality.


  • Convenient and colorful 7 inch touchscreen
  • 100 programs – 17 parameters
  • Perfect match with all porcelain powders
  • High temperature resistant quartz crystal coated heater
  • Parameters that can be changed while the program is running
  • Vacuum assisted rapid cooling
  • Energy-saving sleep mode
  • Test functions and detailed error messages


  • Sleep Mode
  • Vacuum Pump Intermittent/Continuous
  • Adjustable Vacuum Level – mbar
  • Offset (Heat Calibration)
  • Constant Standby Temperature
  • Language Setting (Turkish/English)
  • Date – Time
  • Test Functions
Parameters Values
Preheat Rate 20-70 °C/min
Preheat Temperature 200-500°C/min
Waiting Time at Preheat 0-99 min
Lift Closing Time 0-99 min (10 steps)
Drying Time 0-99 min
Firing Temperature Preheat -1100 °C
Heating Rate 20-130 °C/min
Vacuum Start Temperature 0-1100 °C
Vacuum End Temperature 400-1100 °C
Vacuum Hold Time 0-99 min
Cooling Temperature 0-Firing Temp °C
Cooling Rate 0-50 °C/min
Cooling Hold 0-99 min

Technicial Specifications

  • Weight 25 Kg
  • Dimensions 43/44/48 cm
  • Voltage 220-230 Volt ~ 50 Hz
  • Current 6 A
  • Power   1400W
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