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Tegra Multistep - 10 Step Sintering Furnace

Tegra Multistep - 10 Step Sintering Furnace

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Tegra Speed M is our multi-functional sintering furnace model for both fast , normal and multistep sintering. It is built to last trough heavy working conditions. 100 programs can be stored in memory with each having up to 10-step cycles. The furnace can reach 1500 °C in 30 minutes. 

The heating chamber can fire 3 vertically stacked round crucible of sizes up to R 102 mm's

It can fire a single crown like any other fast sintering furnace or it can stack up to 3 crucibles that can be filled with a large number of parts and used in a long 24 hour program with up to 10 heat/cool ramp and hold times.

We use high purity MoSi2 heating elements specially produced for dentistry, non-pollutive with high durability. 

The cooling process is controlled, preventing damage to your work and heating elements as well.

In case of power failure, the program will continue from where it left off.

100 programs with 10 step cycles can be stored in memory. 

This furnace is suitable for all materials that need various amounts of firing steps and require less than 1550 °C High Temperature.

For higher than 1550 C, please get in touch with us for further specialized furnaces, such as further heating towards 1800 °C, argon gas add-on's etc.



• Standby temperature (default 150°C)
• Heating rate of 1-40°C/min
• Lift opening temperature of 200-800°C
• Target temperature of 100-1550°C
• Each firing cycle up to 180 minutes (All steps totaling up to 28 hours)
• Cooling (Lift Opening) time of 30-180 minutes 

Electrical Specifications

• Voltage 220-230 V 50 Hz
• Current 1-15 A
• Power 3500 W

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