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Teknik Dental

Porcelain Furnace Heater

Porcelain Furnace Heater

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Teklif Al
Teklif Al

Our company offers a premium line of resistances, crafted with high-quality transparent quartz and matte quartz options that are perfectly compatible with all porcelain dental ovens available in the market.

We utilize only the finest Kanthal A1 wire with an impressive operating temperature of 1400°C in our resistances, ensuring consistent and reliable performance even in the most challenging conditions.

Our innovative winding technique sets us apart from competitors as it effectively prevents problems such as deformation, rupture, short circuit, and uneven distribution of heat, commonly encountered with other products.

Our resistances offer unparalleled durability, enhancing the longevity and overall quality of your dental oven.

Choose us for a reliable and superior product that you can trust.

Before Ordering
To ensure a perfect fit, we require specific oven brand and model information when placing an order. Get in touch with us before placing your order.

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