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Teknik Dental

Sintering Crucible

Sintering Crucible

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Teklif Al
Teklif Al
Inner and outer diameters
Made of high purity Alumina Ceramic material, this product is resistant to a maximum temperature of 1800 C. It is resistant to thermal shocks and is very difficult to crack. 

It has excellent heat transfer and the round structure delivers a balanced heat to your work. Thanks to its long life, it does not need to be renewed frequently.

This product is ideal for demanding high performance dental zirconia sintering. With its solid structure, durability and dimensions, it is the most suitable choice for your applications.

  • High purity Alumina Ceramic
  • Maximum service temperature 1800 C degrees
  • Resistant to thermal shock.
  • Not easy to crack and long lasting.
  • Dimensions
    • Height(H): 35mm,
    • Options: OD 90mm, OD 100mm, OD 120mm (Outer R. Dimension)
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