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Founded in 1984 by Murat Parlar


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td MRT Precision Attachment (2x Pairs)

td MRT Precision Attachment (2x Pairs)

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1 box contains 2x td.MRT sets

td.MRT is our patented precision holder model that we have produced with many years of experience. Its development has been 30 years and improves continuously. The first patent and brand belong to us and you can only reach the original td.MRTs from us and our authorized dealers and technicians.

td.MRT (technical dental - MURAT)

The female part of this anchor, both metal parts, is in the form of a cylindrical tube containing a screwed pin and spring system, and the male part is a conical cylinder that fits into it. Thanks to the spring lock mechanism, it gives a "click" sound that the patient can be sure of during its insertion, indicating that it is seated correctly.

Benefits to Patients

  • td.MRT is resistant to deformation and abrasion. Unlike other holders, it does not cause discomfort to the patient by spreading and springing thanks to its angled contact surface.
  • It is easy to put on and take off, and it shows that it is in place, no manual dexterity is required. It helps the patient to find its place easily thanks to its conical angled entrance during insertion.
  • Unlike plastic sliders, it does not cause fungus formation and hygienic problems.

Benefits for Technicians

  • Other holders require lengthy clinical and laboratory procedures. More criteria (crown size, size and pulp size) of abutment teeth need to be considered. There is a decrease in their retention over time;
  • td.MRT No endodontic treatment or casting restoration required for the abutment tooth
  • Repair and maintenance is easy, the spring and pin can be accessed by unscrewing without damaging the prosthesis.
  • Since the system is completely closed, it prevents the system from being blocked due to acrylic leakage at the denture ends of the technicians.

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