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Teknik Dental

Tegra MP200 Dental Porcelain Furnace

Tegra MP200 Dental Porcelain Furnace

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Teklif Al


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Tegra MP200 porcelain oven has been designed for you to work quickly, easily and with superior quality, with years of experience. It is the modern, new and economical top model of our proven classic ovens.

With its modern structure, the highest quality electronics, resistance and thermocouple , it ensures that your work is fired at top quality.


  • Large colorful touchscreen 100 programs - 17 parameters
  • Perfect compatibility with all powders
  • Heaters enclosed in quartz spiral glass
  • Adjustable parameters during active cycle
  • Test Functions and detailed error messages


  • Pre-Heat Temp. - °C
  • Pre-Heat Wait Time - min.sec
  • Lift Close Time - 10 Steps - min.sec
  • Dry Time - min.sec Target Temp. - °C
  • Heat Rate - °C/min Firing Time - min.sec
  • Vacuum Start - °C
  • Vacuum End - °C
  • Vacuum Wait Time - min.sec
  • Cooling Temp. (for Crome-Cobalt) - °C
  • Lift Open Time - min.sec


  • Vaccum Level - mbar
  • Offset (Temp. Callibration)
  • Stand By Temp.
  • Language (Türkçe/English)
  • Date - Time
  • Test Functions

The tegra MP200 offers simplified programming with fewer parameters, removing rarely used parameters such as pre-heat speed and cooling drop speed. By switching to a single valve system, the valve failure risk has been halved, and the pump's lifespan has been extended by running it continuously without using cooling or intervals.

We recommend our more advanced tegra MP100S porcelain furnace model to users who require these features.


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