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Teknik Dental

Sintering Furnace Resistance

Sintering Furnace Resistance

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Teklif Al
Teklif Al

Zircon Sintering Furnace Heating Element

99.99% high purity Molybdenum Disilicid MoSi2 Heating Elements are resistant to oxidation and self-healing, suitable for continuous use even in any oxidizing atmosphere.

The elements are manufactured in a hot working process that keeps the base material in good strength and plasticity at elevated temperatures.

Thanks to its special production technology, the welding point is impact resistant and less likely to be damaged.

When heated to a high temperature in an oxidizing atmosphere, an oxidation-resistant compact quartz glass layer is formed on the surface of the element.

Note: It is necessary to specify the element lengths and diameters in millimeters for ordering.

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